Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taga bike

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Do you have a family outing but dread the extra gear you have to take along?  Taga is here to make your world a little easier and safer.  This revolutionary stroller bike allows you to turn your outings into an ease by turning stroller into a bike in 20 seconds. Turn your strolling time into a ride and have a fun adventure with your child. Exercise together and share your world and insights. No more compromising whether bike or stroller, you can have one in all. Unlike a bike trailer, you are an arm’s length away and have complete immediate supervision of your child while still keeping your eyes on the road.
Safety concern? Don’t even freight. Taga has created a bike that is actually safer than a standard bicycle. It is the only product out there that has both passed and accessed the standard for bicycles and strollers.  Also, Taga has created where you never have to leave your foot off the pedals to make a complete stop. Now that’s awesome!! Link

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