Saturday, January 11, 2014

Backyard Train Rides

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It is a scientific fact (or should be) that all kids are obsessed with transportation. Of course adults are too, everyone wants a Ferrari and a private jet etc. What if you could give your kid their very own Amusement Park Ride-On Train! It is a miniature version of the train at amusement parks. It consists of 250 watt 24 volt electric motors with 3 freight cars that can connect to it. There are 4 seats in each car. This train can pull up to 1,600 pounds! The speed is adjustable, you can go fast or you can go slow, depending on the daredevil inside of you. This is awesome for birthday parties for the kids, or even just on rainy or sunny days when there’s not much else to do but ride the train! Awesome kid stuff! Link

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