Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bazoongi Jump King Rocket Trampoline Tent

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So you are having another birthday party again? Let me guess, another $130 rented bounce house? There's nothing wrong with that unless you already have a trampoline at home and you can't stop thinking "what's so different. Why do our kids need some thing new when you have the same function at home; the trampoline." Well what if you can spend $37 extra to buy this awesome trampoline tent for $167 by Bazoongi. Best part you can reuse it each birthday party. It'll save you money on every party. Not only can you use it at a birthday parties, why not use it as a tent for summer sleepovers. I can't imagine a better childhood than sleepovers outside in a cool rocket ship. The rocket ship tent has integrated window flaps to open if needed ventilation or closed for the scared sleepover of creepy crawlers. It's great for sunny days for some shade and great for rainy days. See here for things to do on a trampoline on a rainy day. Link
Ages: 2 to 13 years old

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