Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crayola ColorStudio HD

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Stuck on your knees again wiping marker and crayon stains off of the carpet and walls again? Or maybe your kid just loves to draw, but has trouble keeping the colors and images only on paper (like with most kids). They want to explore their surrounding turfs with the colors given to them, it’s natural. There is new technology so both you and your kid can have a peace of mind when they’re coloring. iMarker is technically a real crayon (same look and feel to the touch), but works only on your iPad. You simply download the ColorStudio HD app, and your kid can color and draw away with his/her iMarker! No need to run back and forth to make sure your walls and floors are still intact, the iMarker only colors on the iPad. Let your kid explore. Awesome kid stuff! Link


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