Monday, January 6, 2014

Eye-catching Labyrinth Aquarium

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We owe these fish bowls for our kid’s fishes. The cat gets an awesome cat condo to lounge around in, the dog has all the freedom owed to him inside the house and in the backyard (not to mention daily walks out in the real world). What about the fishes? They get one “box” to live in…forever. Not anymore, now they have a six bedroom house, The Labyrinth Aquarium! There are six bowls that are all interconnected to each other, so the fishes can swim through one bowl into the other. It is made from Lucite acrylic which is a transparent thermoplastic that is more resistant than regular glass. Included in this awesome labyrinth are the gravel rocks, silk plants, lights (with programmable timers), filters, air pumps, and even cleaning equipment! Your fish are pets too, not just prized porcelain dolls to stare at. Granted, they are not cute, furry, fluffy, and you can’t really play with them, but they needed to be treated like pets too! Awesome kid stuff! Link


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