Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glo by Boon Awesome Kids Night Light

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We can all agree that at one point in our life we were afraid of the dark. Some of us as kids some even now. Kids hate the dark they are afraid to go to the bathroom alone in the dark, they hate getting up for a glass of water because they are scared of what will meet them on the way down to the kitchen. This is where GLO by BOON comes in to place; it’s a modern nightlight that has more than one purpose. When it’s on it charges three balls that later you can take them out and walk with them to the restroom or kitchen etc. When the balls are fully charged last up to 30 minutes, which gives them plenty of time to do whatever it may be.  The produce is a smart way to help kids over come there fear of the dark. Awesome family stuff! Link

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