Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hp - Make up Laptop

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Your girl's dream just came true!!! Can you imagine a hot pink lap top that provides a slate for make up, nail printing device,mirror and lap top all in one? Why hasn't this been invented sooner? As if girls are not more in tune with themselves as before. Nikita Buyanov is working to have this laptop out on the market, if more people are interested, of course. This laptop provides a monitor screen that turns into a mirror with just a click away. Just for those moments where the brother's friend happened to stop by real quick unannounced and you need a quick glance at yourself. Without making it noticeable, just click again and your homework is back on the screen. Pretty cleaver, this Nikita Buyanov. While glancing at yourself, if you noticed eye shadow has smeared or faded, reapply with the slate of makeup that is inches away from your cleaver laptop. Awesome girl stuff! Link
Ages: 13 and up

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