Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marshmallow Face Fun And Delicious

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This activity is great for kids. I haven't met any kids that don't like to draw. Especially on unordinary items. Marshmallows are definitely unordinary. Most of the items needed to do this is already in your kitchen. So when boredom strikes or some quiet time needed pull out food coloring, icing (optional),a thin paint brush or maybe a toothpick and marshmallows. This activity would be a great way to teach your little one emotions and different face that come with emotions. Another teachable moment is to let your kids be creative and design looks with hairstyles. Finally, you can take this opportunity to do crafts and use the painted marshmallows as stamps, while the paint is still wet. This activity can be used in any different ways. The creativity lies in your hands. Link
Age: 2 and up

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