Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Par 3 Mini Golf Course by Step 2

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For those of you who are wishing to have a Tiger Woods in your family, Step2 Par 3 Mini Golf Course can make it happen. Start from early as age 2 to get your kiddo to love golf. Soon enough, the golf course and then comes the tournaments. Make sure you remember us when that happens; for introducing this product to you ;). This mini golf course is great. Your kiddos will have a fun time adjusting or building the courses of their choice. There are 21 piece set that allows your kids to be creative and build different obstacle courses with bridges to go under and wind mills too. This product is great for indoor, rainy days activities or outdoor as well. The balls have enough weight on them to be able to play in windy situations. Definitely a great gift for your kiddos.

Ages: 2 and up 

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