Friday, January 10, 2014

Play And Write Music All In The Same Toy

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Children are always fascinated with anything that makes music or noise,for that matter. From banging spoons on the table to pots for drums. And other kids are fascinated with anything that maneuvers. When putting these two together, you have yourself something amazing. Ricardo Seola has invented the Sound Track. This train track allows kids to adjust the music pegs to make their own songs or follow the songs that their book provides. The Sound Track is engineered by having musical teeth tuned in front of the train. Once these teeth touch a peg on the track, a different music tone is played. You can change the tone by vertically adjusting the pegs. Higher for a higher tone or lower for a lower tone. This can be a great benefit to teach your child how tones of music can be changed or just use it as all play. There can be variety of ways to use this great toy. It's not yet out on the market. But price is currently in the $20s. Link

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