Saturday, January 11, 2014

Poppy Phil And Ted High Chair

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What is one thing you always see in the house where a baby or toddler lives? Answer is : a high chair. Most parents spend $60 or higher on a high chair and use it for 2 years max then toss it out. We'll Phil and Ted have created Poppy. A high chair that adjusts, with a click of a button ,to a child's chair. No more storing away your dirty high chairs. Poppy is furnished with a waterproof, seamless aerocore seat. Resulting in no more surprises of food left in the cracks of the child's high chair seat. Cleaning is simply. Just wipe or place in dishwasher. The aerocore seat provides insulation, it is hypo-allergenic, UV resistant and non-toxic. The food tray is big enough for the child's food plate and drink. The food tray is designed to fit from ages 6months to 3 or 44 lbs. Once the food tray is no longer needed, Poppy converts into a stylish chair for preschoolers up to 44 lbs to enjoy. Poppy comes in many different colors and is marked at $119.00. Beats having a high chair only for a few years. Now your infant can share his high chair with his sibling as a chair. Once needed as a feeding table just pop back the food tray. Poppy is there to stay for awhile. Link

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