Monday, January 6, 2014

Smarty Ring not just for Adults

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If you can recall how many times you have left your watch or phone at home, then it hasn’t been many times, but if you are like me and the rest of the world, you forget them at home always and forever. I think we have enough trouble getting up and ready in the morning, let alone thinking about the hassle of putting a watch on or remembering to grab the phone running out the door as we usually do. What we all need is a Smarty Ring. It is a stainless steel band that has a small LED panel acting as a display to you. It shows the time as its default, unless a notification pops up. The device pairs up with your phone and notifies you of email, calls, texts, Facebook, twitter, Skype, etc. This will save an incredible amount of time, no need to get in trouble at work for pulling out your phone 10,000 different times as we all do throughout the day, have the Smarty Ring handy, and that way you can be at least be notified. Awesome stuff! Link


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