Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow / Sand Castle Kit

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Sand castles are awesome but I'm thinking of snow now a days. And frankly I'm running out of ideas what to do when it'll finally snow here. Typical snow man,snow angels, sledding and snowball fights will only last a couple of days. But I found something awesome; introducing snow castle kit! With this kit snow ball fights would be twice as fun building a fort and have a war going on. Bring out your paint guns a well. Build a castle for your little ones to play in. For the holidays build Santa a chimney and place Santa on top. You can be creative in all different ways. I'd build myself an oasis in the back yard with snow lawn chairs and table. Throw some decorations and you have yourself some hot chocolate while admiring your creative masterpiece. Link

Ages: 3 to 13 years old 

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