Saturday, January 4, 2014

TrendyKid Wash and Brush Timer

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There is definitely a time and place to be there for our kids, to show them the ropes, whether it be through serious life lessons, or something simple such as hygiene lessons. Regardless of what it is you cannot hold your kids hand forever (sadly!) and they won’t want you too either. I can do it myself (sound familiar?)! Kids want to be just like you, independent, they don’t want you lurking around, making sure they brushed their teeth or hands or did anything thoroughly, after all, they’re grown (in their minds)! Trendy Kid has created “The Wash and Brush Timer” so kids can feel confident when doing these simple tasks that we all got a handle on. Whether you don’t have the time to watch over your kid or they want your trusts and don’t want you lurking around, this is a great tool for every kid to have to rely on until they’re 100% confident of their daily routines. It’s all a part of growing up, awesome kid stuff! Link

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