Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ufree- Horse

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This is no ordinary horse ride. I didn't just pick a random toy to post. This pony is awesome! I had a privilege to ride this UFREE-HORSE. To my dismay, I wasn't looking forward to give it up. I had a good time riding it! Eventually I had to give it up when my 2 year old was crying for it. I felt like a big bully. It's a rocking horse, plush toy and ride on toy all in one. Best part, no batteries or power needed. This horse moves with the bounce from the rider. So you can also consider this a bouncer toy and a exercise toy for leg and waist muscles. The horse can be moved left and right and is easy to control. It felt very similarly to a real horse ride. I wasn't scared to ride it. It's steel frame kept my mind at ease. UFREE-HORSE comes in 3 different sizes. They state from ages 3 and up but my 2 year got the concept fast enough. Prices range from $119.69 to $315.50. UFREE has also many different animals: unicorns, zebras, tigers, elephants, reindeers and different options for horses. So for all those kids who wish for a pony UFREE-HORSE can make that happen with the fraction of the cost for maintaining a real pony.

Ages: 2 to 9 years old

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