Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Woogie Kids iPhone And iPod Case

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I happened to stumble upon a pretty sad moment. While shopping, a mother had 2 kids in the shopping cart with each a iPhone/iPod to view different movies. Shopping was made easy for her until her son accidentally dropped and cracked the screen of the iPhone. Hence, the sad moment. The whole time watching, I was wishing to make sure she had insurance on her iPhone cuz there goes maybe $300. I could relate with her. I use my iPhone as a "pacifier" for my 2 year old. She starts to whine in public and iPhone silents her. No matter how thick I bought my cell phone case I still wonder how much does it actually protect from falls. I went online to do my research and came upon Woogie. Now this, every parent should have. Talk about a solid cell phone case try triple the size.

Woogie is a soft plush toy with a built in case for an iPod or iPhone. With a velcro secure pocket, your iPod/iPhone is safe for accidentally falls. A touch through screen protector allows you to choose movies, apps, or music for your child. Usually safe things are boring for kids. Not anymore. Woogie has it's own free app. This app allows your kids to give Woogie a face. Poke it, shake it or tickle to see Woogie come alive and react.
Woogie has six arms that allows you to prop the iPhone for eye level viewing. Whether on flat service or your lap. There is a built in speaker or if preferred, a space to plug in head phones for quieter moments. Woogie is great for ages 3 and older. It's priced at $14.99. Link

Ages: 3 and up

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