Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kinsa - World's Smartest Thermometer

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What if I told you can detect an upcoming of your child's illness? You probably shrugged your eyebrows for a sec. Well I'm here to tell you about Kinsa, created by Inder Singh. He has, I think revolutionized health management in a new way. Inder and his team have created a thermometer that plugs in your phone for an accurate and faster reading. While it's reading the temperature, your child can be distracted by its cute bubble measurements. Once reading is done, the phone asks how the individual is feeling and what kind of symptoms is associated with the temperature. You can save each temperature or symptoms for each child or member of the family. Therefore doctors visits will be a breeze with everything in your phone saved. If no temperature is detected but your child is still complaining of a sore throat, you can see your child's classroom "health map." Where other parents can warn other parents of whose child came home sick as well and with what illness and symptom. So no more waiting to see if the illness is just a flu or strep throat. If most of the class parents reported strep throat, then mostly likely your child will have the same illness. You can stop the illness faster in its track by knowing what's around you and report it to the doctor faster and avoiding days in bed. If you are not a member of the class private group"health map" you can pick your city and see the overall "health weather" of your neighborhood or city. This is a great way to track and prevent illnesses around your family. Kinsa is only $19.99 and in my opinion, very affordable for the price of knowing and diagnosing my child's illnesses.

Ages: 2 to 90 years old

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