Sunday, February 9, 2014

Turtle Twilight

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This awesome twilight turtle make fear of the dark a thing of the past. Nightlights have been the answer for kids that are afraid of the dark. Once your kids see what this turtle can do they will never want a night light ever again. It turns a scary room into a starry room, with the turtle’s shell that projects stars onto the bedroom ceilings and walls. The most awesome part is that the twinkling stars include eight genuine constellations, including the big dipper, the winged horse and a lot more. Everyone that has kids knows how scared we are to enter the room after they have fallen asleep, well don’t worry about tip- toeing back in the room to turn off the twilight turtle; it has an auto shut-off timer set for 45 minutes. This would make a great gift for anyone that need some help falling asleep in the dark, and would even make a great study starry lesson before bed.

Ages: 2 to 8 years old

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