Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Firefly Squids in Toyama Bay, Japan

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There is something that excites or astonishes us when we see light in the darkness. To list a few to prove my statement; fireworks, Christmas lights, disco balls, lanterns and stars of course. No matter which size or form, lights bewilders us. I have come upon something so awesome, I couldn't wait to share it. In Toyama Bay,Japan, firefly squids come ashore to give a light show that can't be put to words of its beauty. These creatures have a special light producing organs called photophores that diffuses and gives them a deep blue light. They normally live 1,200 feet underwater and if not for the waves pushing them ashore we wouldn't be able to see this magnificent sight. These three inch creatures gather at the bay by the millions and sometimes billions. They also take this time together to fertilize and drop their eggs in the Toyama Bay. The bay has become a famous tourist place for this great experience. Your family can enjoy as well. I was always intrigued in sending candles out to the calm ocean as a child, just to see it light up the waters. I can't imagine how awesome it would be to see the firefly squids all together lighting up the waters.

Ages: All ages will enjoy this 

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