Saturday, April 5, 2014

Angelcare Bath Support Seat

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With Angelcare Bath Support you are certain to provide your child a safe resisting
place during bath time without worrying much about their comfort. Thanks to its antislip
guard on the base there is no risk of any injury. Indeed, It has been created to
guarantee child safety, stability, and most notably, personal hygiene. Cleanliness is
fundamental to the infant's health. Angelcare Bath support takes heart from your
newborn baby bathing needs. That's why this product has been made to prevent and
avoid mold from growing in its surface. Even more unexpectedly, it is made of
durable, sturdy, soft touch material and it includes a convenient built-in hook for quick
drying and simple storage. There's no doubt, to bathe a delicate infant of a few days
or weeks with Angelcare Bath Support will be a joy in itself! Every mom should
include it in her must-have baby care items list!

Ages: 0 to 6 months old

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