Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fully Functional Computer Keyboard Made Out Of LEGOs

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Lego Keyboard is a simple and child friendly technological object d'art. Mostly built out of lego
colored bricks, is capable of performing like a normal keyboard. Jason Alleman, the creator of the
this electronic device has almost used 1,500 lego pieces to craft this amazing qwerty keyboard. In
addition to that, he selected each key from official lego pieces to make it more eye-catching. There
are no custom printing or stickers involved. Take, for example, the “home” button or the “caps
lock”. The first key is a red house roof piece while the second one is a minifig baseball cap next to a
lock. It doesn't look boring and you can have fun while typing! It's such a creative concept! That's
why it has captured the imagination of children and adults worldwide.

Ages: 5 to 16 years old

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