Monday, May 5, 2014

Laser Watch – A Perfect Way To Encourage Children To Learn To Tell Time!

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Toys are not just something to give our children to pass time or to overcome boredom. They are the
building blocks of their fully development and creativity. Fewer are the toys created to fulfill this
fundamental purpose and rarely are the toys made to teach our children something useful! It's neat
how a simple and pratical product such as Laser Watch can cover all of these important aspects.
Many watches made for little ones have a good design but are extremely hard to read. When kids
wear laser watch around their wrist they will be encouraged to learn to tell the time in an
unconventional way. Thanks to a green laser incorporated on it, they will have the exact time
displayed on their arms. It's comfortable, easy to set the time and to adjust the size. A tone of fun for
kids with great imagination! Designed by Nurdinov on Tokioflash, this laser watch is a special
product not to miss out. Our kids will love its advanced futuristic characteristic! It might not be any
sort of revelation that Nurdinov decided to make this unique and modern accessory after watching
the science fiction film “In Time” came out in 2011.

Ages: 5 to 90 years old

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